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Our goals and objectives are to meet and discuss our mutual legacy as descendants of Fort Nisqually employees and/or of the Puget Sound Agricultural Company employees, to establish family records for research using the Dupont Historical Museum as our repository, and to gather and record any and all records pertaining to Fort Nisqually and the Puget Sound Agricultural Company.

Our fall meeting will be held on Sunday October 6, 2013.
See the calendar of events for more information.

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Pierce Prairie Post article on Hudson Bay Company Descendants in south Pierce County

Becoming a Member

To join, complete our application forms which includes a genealogical family chart, proving that you are descended from an employee of Fort Nisqually and/or Puget Sound Agricultural Company, c. 1833-1870, and, pay our current membership fee of $5.00.

City of Dupont Plans for the 1833 Fort Site

On June 15, 2010, the City of Dupont will meet regarding Historical Preservation of the 1833 Fort Nisqually Site. Roxanne Woodruff has written the following response to the City Council.
RE: DuPont City Council Study Session Regarding Historical Preservation Stakeholders Discussion

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