The Sequalitchew

October 2003

Second Edition

President: Roxanne Woodruff
Vice President: Judy Bridges
Secretary/Treasurer: Roger Newman

Spring Meeting


We made it through our elections this last meeting. Our elect are as follows:
President, Roxanne Woodruff 503/555-5913 Vice President,
Judy Bridges 253/555-6378
Secretary/Treasurer, Roger Newman 360/555-6114

Our meeting is scheduled for October 12th, 2003 at the DuPont City Hall. The doors will be open to us around 11am, bring a sack lunch. There will be snacks at break time and a raffle for any donated items. Most of all bring your thoughts, ideas, and histories and join us for a wonderful afternoon.

We meet biannually at the DuPont City Hall and on occasion at the DuPont History Museum located at 207 Barksdale Ave DuPont, WA 98327

Family History Fair

A Family History Fair was held on September 20, 2003 at the Park Rose High School in Portland, Oregon. A table was rented representing our Descendant’s group along with literature to attract new members. We hope to attend more of these fairs to bring our histories to other descendants. We would like to thank Connie Lenzen for bringing this to our attention through the Genealogical Forum of Oregon. See Connie’s pages at see also

In Memoriam

Since our group first began to form we have all become more and more aware of our own mortality. We are becoming our own history with the passing of time. We would like to honor here those members who have since passed away:

May they rest in peace.

John McKay

John McKay

(pronounced McKie) was born in Braal, Halkirk Parish, County Caithness, Scotland. The year of his birth depends on the records you consult.

The place of his birth is consistent.

John McKay worked for the Hudson Bay Company:

Fort Vancouver Records. B/223
York Factory District Records. B/239
London Office Records. A/32
Fort Nisqually Journal

John McKay Settled in Marion County Oregon

John McKay and his family appear in the Catholic Church Records.

Vancouver Records
Acts made at Fort of the Lakes, on the Columbia
Thirteenth Page.

Fourteenth Page M.D. priest

Mission at Colvile from 29 June to 1st October
Sixty-First Page M.D. priest

ST. LOUIS parish

For further information on John McKay and many other journals and topics please see Barbara Wulf’s web pages:

Old Settlers Cemetery

The Old Settlers Cemetery is a special place where Washington State pioneer settlers were buried as early as 1855 according to one account. There is very little information available concerning burial records. According to Fred Morley of Piper-Morley Funeral Home in Tacoma, there is no official Sexton of this old pioneer settler cemetery. Its stewards are descendants of the families buried there, church, school and community service groups, individuals who have been taken in by its charm and tranquility, and an unknown core of county employees who mow the lawn periodically. Apparently most of the burials that have taken place here were done quite simply and perhaps unofficially as there are no burial records kept by any agency or organization according to the research available. The land was originally donated by an attorney by the name of Frank Clark. He donated the land for free burial of pioneers and their descendants in the mid 1800’s.

Five generations of my ancestors have been laid to rest here and I have recently added my father’s ashes next to my mother’s and placed a family marker, made by Quiring Monuments of Seattle, WA, that tells a story of our family history. Dave Quiring graciously offered his company’s services to repair some of the damaged and vandalized markers. I have visited this cemetery over most of my lifetime and consider it a kind of “home.” It’s a place I can always stop in and visit, just like you would a favorite relative, and consequently, I’ve taken a personal interest in seeing to it’s care and upkeep beyond the minimum provided by the County.

Flora Dalglish

Candlelight Tour

Be sure to mark your calendars for the Candlelight Tour at Ft. Nisqually’s 3rd fort site located up at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma. The dates are for October 3 and 4. Ticket sales have already begun. The costs are $7 for adults, $5 for seniors, and $4 for children and can be purchased by calling (253) 591-5339 or visiting the gift shop during open hours (Wed – Sun, 11:00 – 5:00) Advance ticket purchase is required for this event. The year 1855 will be celebrated with Dr. Tolmie and family in their beautiful new home.

The Puyallup Fair

The Puyallup Fair this year, held in the Fair’s Museum Building the “Museums of Pierce County — 150 Years of Pierce County Stories” Exhibit. Each day a different museum staffed the building to answer questions and promote their museum. Ft. Nisqually’s day was held on Friday, September 12, 2003. The above two articles were from “Fort Notes” the Newsletter of Fort Nisqually Living History Museum 5400 N. Pearl St, #11 Tacoma, WA 98407

2003 Pow Wow Committee News

The Cowlitz 4th annual Honoring the Spirit of All Cowlitz People Pow Wow will be held Saturday, October 11th at Toledo High School, from 12 noon to 12 midnight, with Grand Entries at 1 pm and 7 pm. Dinner will be provided at 5 pm.

Head Woman Dancer: Patty Kinswa-Gaiser
Head Man Dancer: Willie Koch
Honor Drum: One People One Voice
Host Drum: Cree Star
Singers Whip Man: Robert Longcrane
Master of Ceremonies: Tony McGrady

As in previous years, many vendors and many drum groups will be present.